Protective Clothing – what do I need

Before I even considered lessons my first priority was to start as i meant to go on and purchase the correct protective clothing, after all this is the only thing that will protect me from the elements and dangers on the road.

I read a number of reviews and did my research into the different makes of clothing and protective gear on the market. Although it would have being nice to buy all the latest named brands I still had a budget and needed to be practical.

Helmet – There were prices from £50 to hundreds of pounds, this was a tricky one as personally; although they are made to a British standard I just couldn’t trust a cheap helmet. I had read the more expensive helmets stopped steaming up of the visor and noise levels. In retrospect I went for the AGV brand. some helmets have a special kite mark on them that means they have being tested to a higher standard for higher speeds.

The different type of helmets are:

Full face helmets

If you are looking for the best protection full face helmets are the ideal choice.

Full face helmets are designed to protect not just your head but also your jaw and your face. The ride is a lot quieter with these helmets because they allow you to tune out the deafening sounds of the road and offer ample protection against the rain.

The Clear Visor gives optimal visibility on the road and another advantage is the wind resistance is minimum with these helmets.

Modular helmets

I think the next helmet I will purchase will be this one. This helmet is the Best Of Both Worlds – The chin bar of these helmets is movable and is operated using a single button. The helmet comes with a face guard that can be flipped up when needed. This makes communication quite easy for the rider and those petrol stations without having to take the helmet off.

I was told the main disadvantage could be if you came off there is the possibility it could lift depending on how you fall therefore the full face helmet is the most safest.

Open face helmets

These are designed to protect everything but the face and are ideal for those riders who like to feel the wind on the face when they are riding.

No Eye Protection, they leave the entire face open for the weather elements and you will probably eat a few nasty bugs at the same time.
Visibility is the biggest pro of these helmets because you can use your eyes to see the entire road and as far ahead as it can go without any obstructions from the helmet.


Gloves – I picked up a great pair of RS armoured gloves, with just getting into learning I thought i could get myself in a number of scrapes and therefore these would be a great option to start with. There are gloves for all weather conditions and style of motorcycles so these are quite a preferential choice.

Jacket / Trousers There are a number of style jackets available on the market. If you are buying a sports bike then an all in one is your best bet for protection. A cruiser which is what i am after possibly a leather / textile jacket with kevlar jeans or leather jacket and trousers

Boots – Motorcycle racing boots are designed for someone who is riding on a racetrack at a high rate of speed. Because this is more dangerous than other kinds of motorcycle riding, these boots tend to offer more protection.

Touring Motorcycle Boots – Also known as commuting motorcycle boots, are worn by bikers who ride long distances in all kinds of weather. These boots need to be comfortable enough for bikers to wear for long periods of time.

and finally………

Motorcycle Cruiser Boots
Cruiser boots generally offer less protection than other kinds of motorcycle boots. These thick-soled boots tend to be similar to other styles of boots, such as work boots. They are often made of leather or some kind of leather-like material.

I found the Direct Gov article below to be very helpful. Have a look for yourself and decide which is best for you.

Direct Gov Motorcycle Gear advice


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