Motorbike Lesson 1

Due to how much up front costs the instructor wanted I decided to shop around and find another instructor that I could pay by the hour (which suited me best) He said since I wanted to pass my full license and I was 36 he would put me on the big boys Bike straight away! Eeek! First lesson was going to be starting in the car park it would give him chance to see what I already knew and could do, with the possibility of road time. However the heavens decided they would be opening up so it was safer for the car park that day.

I arrived to the car park and saw a big bike waiting for me. The 650 wasn’t available that day so instead there was a 500. He explained the bike to me and then got me to hop on. Wow the weight of the bike! Would I be able to handle it! Maybe this was a bad idea after all I had only just had one lesson on a 125 that was much smaller.

He got me to start the engine and riding around in circles getting use to steering, cornering and gears.

I did well and later he introduced me to some cones to practice a bit of module1. All was going great until I took one of the cones too tightly and slowly “bang” the bike had hit the floor before I knew it and I was trying to pick it up. He was great about it and didn’t tell me off for dropping it instead pointed me where I went wrong.

The lesson had flown by and now it was time to head home. He said the next lesson was to be on the 650 and we would go out on the road as I needed the seat time experience.


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