Motorbike Lesson 2

I won’t lie I was more nervous this time than when I did my cbt, I was going out on a Kawasaki en 650, all I thought was am I ready for this powerful bike after the experience of dropping it last time in the car park.

I met the instructor and again I ha a quick ride around the car park getting use to corners and gear changes. Being fair I felt confident and didn’t notice too much difference between the two.

I got mic’d up and we heading to the open road. We went all around the forestry on small country lane roads whilst on my ear I was listening to my instructors voice, the occasionally nod to make him aware I was understanding and happy with what he was saying.

I had a few scary moment I won’t lie, I took a corner completely wrong and ended up on the other side. All I could think was if a car was going around here now I would have being in trouble and probably have to do an emergency James Bond stunt down the forestry bank into the river !

We later stopped off half way between Whitby at a cafe. We had a bite to eat and a drink “one thing I  thought was how mentally aware I was being and how tiring it could be” while chatting “BANG” a brand new motorbike was on the floor in the car park with an older gentleman underneath it after helping him up I couldn’t help thinking ” wow I am not the only person to drop a bike”

We set off again and made our way back. I managed to hit a good 60 mph compared to the average 45mph on the country lanes it felt fast! and at times the wind worried me and I though “shit can I hold on to this” but I was ok.

After surviving another lesson I am looking forward to the next one.


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