Module 1 – :-(

So I received a call that there was a cancellation and I could have a designated time slot for module 1. The smile on my face and excitement that I could be another step closer to riding! I sneaked one last lesson in and went through everything as if it was an actual test. Everything perfect!

Monday 12th – Module 1 the big day

So it was the day of my module 1 test and over the weekend on and off I was thinking about all the things I needed to do correctly. I received a call that due to dust issues the test centre in hull was going to be shut and therefore I was moved to the centre in Scunthorpe.

The weather was going to be hit and miss and it was a one and half hour drive so we went down in the van with the bike in the back. There was some nice views especially over the Humber bridge although very windy (I thought to myself glad we came down in the van!).

At the test centre we arrived nice and early so we walked around in the actual test ground so I had good bearings of what I needed to do. (Panic setting in!)

I was taken into a small office where I handed over my documentation and then was given a form to sign.

Outside my motorbike was waiting in a parked bay, I was asked to treat the test like I was on the highway and public roads. Making sure I did my safety checks I rode into the test centre. I could see my hands were shaking like mad which wasn’t a great sign, I was just hoping the nerves didn’t get the better of me.

I parked the motorcycle in to the first bay and put it on its stand turning off the engine. Safety checks then Wheeling the bike into the second parking spot and using the stand again

Next I stared the motorbike, more safety checks and started Riding through a slalom and performing a figure of eight – both of these manoeuvres are combined into a single task which went extremely well

I was asked to pull up and then this is where I was asked to do a slow ride pulling up at the blue cones.

Next was the U-turn, I did a quick last minute life saver glance before turning in between the lines and stopping

Next was Cornering and stopping in a controlled way, I headed up to the top of the test centre getting the motorbike into second gear as fast as possible round the bend and through the safety trap stopping in a controlled manner

I was asked to turn the bike around again with another Cornering (again) and this time emergency stop when the examiner raised his hand.

The last part of my test was the Cornering and higher speed avoidance, After I completed this manoeuvre I was asked to do it again as this time I didn’t hit the minimum speed through the speed trap. So off I set again but on the way down this time I must have over thought everything, I hit the speed through the trap but rather than turning and aiming for that outer cone I didn’t turn enough and hit the inside blue cone! From that second I knew it was a fail

I pulled up was asked to park the motorbike into the test centre parking bay and debrief inside.

I was told unfortunately I failed but there were some massive positives to take from it. I was told I did one of the best controlled emergency stops they have ever seen with good safety checks.

If I had just got that speed the first time then I would have been writing this blog with a massive smile on my face. I’m not going to lie I am disappointed however I will be more mentally prepared for it as I have done it now and know exactly what’s expected in the centre.

Unfortunately there is a big shortage of dates and I’m looking at another 3 weeks before being able to take the test again. I’m Hoping there is a cancellation I can take.


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