Motorbike Lesson 3 / 4th Lesson

Lesson 3

So my 3rd lesson started at the owners lock up. Today there were going to be two of us practicing for module 1. I was given a different motorbike which being honest I was not as keen on. Gear shifting was harder as it was skipping gears and it had a slightly dodgy neutral display.

Firstly we practiced parking the motorbike into a bay, to reverse and manoeuvre the motorcycle into the bay next to it. I found it to be awkward at first and in my mind thinking don’t drop it lol!

The next stage was the slalom and figure of eight which went well. We then progressed on to the slow ride, slight struggle when stopping and putting my feet down

Next was the dreaded U-Turns. Now I have to admit I have being struggling with these. Initially I was concentrating so much on getting my speed right and looking at the curb trying to miss it. One fantastic piece of advice turn your head and look where you want to go – the motorbike will head to that direction

I then had a go at the controlled stop and emergency stop, whilst doing these I had a speed device aimed at me, slightly under at 45 kph! One great tip is I need to practice this more and listen to the engine noise which will come in time. Lastly I did the hazard avoidance.

All in all for a 3rd lesson and not even owing a motorbike I was happy, in time with more lessons and experience I am hoping to get this perfect. We were discussing tests and it looks like they are booked up all the way into August. probably for me that’s good as I need all the practice I can get. I was contemplating purchasing a 125 and heading out in summer. Although the experience is what I need I could really do to save the money I would spend on one for my motorcycle lessons.

I think after the lesson I was a little hard on myself but now I know my strengths and weaknesses and areas I need to work on.

Next time I am aiming on  that all important 52kph or above!!


Lesson 4

It was time to look at the module 1 stuff again, without going into to much details there were massive improvements and by the end of it I was looking in a great position for taking the test. When it came to the swerve manoeuvre I was taking it at speeds of 55/60 kph which is more than needed to do the test. My instructor was very happy and not only with the confidence of my module 1 training but my bum on seat time on the motorbike!

alas Module 1 could soon be around the corner


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