Module 1 – Take 2

My second attempt at module 1 took place last month in September, I managed to re-book my module 1 test as there was a cancellation and  I am happy to say successfully passed the second time around. I had to travel to Scunthorpe again as the hull site had being shutdown permanently due to dust pollution.  

In my previous module 1 post I detailed the manoeuvres so I won’t waste time writing about them again. Instead I thought I would write some handy hints to aid anyone else that gets a bit nervous soon as they hear the word test! 

1 – don’t over think about the test or panic. You have practiced and passed with your instructor it’s now just showing a man with a clipboard you can be safe

 2 – ride the motorcycle a little before taking the test, it does make a difference to you and the bike

 3 – stay calm, if you feel yourself getting nervous plenty of deep breathes

4 – when the examiner tells you what to do. Stop and think for at least 10 seconds and then do the manoeuvre. It will help you to compose yourself, map out in your head what you need to do. The test takes about 6 minutes to do, you have paid for a slot of time so make use of it “there is no rush”


If anyone is taking there module 1 bike test please feel free to leave a comment, how did you find the test? I would love to hear of your experiences.




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