Honda Goldwing Light Parade

So this weekend saw the Honda Goldwing’s return to Scarborough, a yearly gathering where all money raised from the event goes to a fantastic cause “The Scarborough RNLI”. During the day Goldwing’s were parked up along the foreshore and near the lifeboat centre for visitors to take photos, chat to bikers and also get the opportunity of sitting on one.

I took my 6 month son down in the pram and although he slept through it all I managed to chat to some interesting people and get a few photos in the process.

Apparently it’s a very  bike to ride, just not forgiving if it starts to fall over and as you can imagine 800lbs is 800lbs then the extra weight of the rider and pillion. Oddly enough, its easier to get on the centre stand as bi was shown. I read once that Honda actually put an emphasis on passenger comfort because wife’s/girlfriends opinion’s can  be a  make or break thing on luxurious bikes.

In recent years the dazzling Scarborough Goldwing Light Parade charity event has become one of the most popular East Coast attractions with crowds  of spectators in their thousands.

pm night time the North and South Bay promenades were jam packed with visitor’s waiting to watch this fabulous display of brightly illuminated Honda Goldwing’s, some riders wearing fancy dress and the noisy motorcycles putting on their display for all to enjoy.


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