BMW unveil the future of motorcycles

OK so most of us have seen films with futuristic motorbikes like Tron and wanted one for ourselves, No…. well maybe just me then. BMW have now unveiled its vision for the future and it doesn’t involve petrol, protective clothing or even a helmet!

BMW’s Motorrad’s Vision 100 is their space-age concept bike unveiled in Santa Monica, California. Although largely a prototype, its a showcase for technologies in the coming generations.

Some features include Electric power with zero emissions; ‘Flexi-frame’ that improves handling, active tyres that adapt to the terrain and a Self-Levelling System’ which, BMW says, renders the machine un-crashable so doing away with the need for any protective clothing or helmet!


An unspecified electric motor producing zero emissions. It is capable of changing its shape according to prevailing conditions and aerodynamic and cooling requirements.


Flexi-Frame which is flexible, dynamic and active and only a frame in the sense that it connects the front and rear wheels. When the handlebars turn the entire frame flexes to enable a change direction the thinking being that at low speeds steering can be light and manageable while at higher speed it can also be stable.

Self-balancing system

A gyroscope-based system operated by sophisticated digital electronics to the effect that the bike can’t fall over. “It doesn’t tip over


BMW say they will all be active and dynamic so that, apart from having the traditional ‘cushioning effect’ they’ll also have a ‘versatile profile that can adapt to different conditions’.

No helmet – just a visor

With no possibility of a crash, BMW believes there is no need for riders to wear a helmet. Instead, a visor would be available that provides eye protection and doubles as a data display. Bionic clothing structure would give physical support to the rider hence no need for the protective clothing.


What do you think?

I would love to see this in real life, sit and test ride this for myself. I have to admit I am a big lover of the rumble of the engine, the roar of the straight pipes, and low-slung feel in the seat it would take something special to replace this experience but I have to admit this does look one awesome machine!


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