Lesson – Module 2 practice

I think the last lesson I had was over 5 weeks ago due to instructor commitments  but he managed to fit me in Sunday morning for some much needed bum on seat riding time.

We set off and as initially thought the first junction I came out of was wobbly and would have being a fail if I was taking my module 2 test. I guess at times like these it would be good to have my own motorbike and keep practicing with the long gap. After a short while I soon got into the swing of things again.

There were a few occasions where I missed a shoulder check with a change of speed limit but other than this things were looking great. We stopped off at Filey for a much needed warm cup of tea to warm our cockles up before heading back off again for some more road time experience. Unfortunately the weather started to get very wet and windy and therefore headed back to go over the module 2 questions.

We spent a good amount of time going over the various scenario questions, and we went through the whole bike. It was very valuable and I now feel I am ready for any questions I could be asked.

Look out for my next post on Module 2 questions which might be of some help if you are looking at taking your test in the near future.


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