Module 2 -Passed 1st Time!

My test wasn’t until 12:45 on 24th October but at 9:30 in the morning I headed out with the instructor for 30 minutes riding time (along with another person who was taking their test early morning) we went around the various areas in Scarborough and came across new road works and hazards that were not there previously.

Back at the instructors we went through the questioning techniques and the things not to do whilst on the test! this included when the examiner asks you to pull in make sure its not opposite a junction, parked car, yellow lines (the normal things to watch out for).

A slight panic as the first person taking their test didn’t have a photographic driving license and so he was hoping his wife would be able to get his passport to him in time, and me being a plonker left my theory test evidence in the car thinking I didnt need it so I also wouldn’t have being able to take his test place if she didn’t make it in time. Luckily she did and he went out to take his module 2 whilst I went back to get the all important theory test evidence.

Back at the centre and unfortunately the person taking their mod2 test failed – left indicated on a mini roundabout going straight on. It slightly un-nerved me as this rider was very good and I did have a thought in the back of my mind that today might not be my lucky day. The instructor had to go to pick up someone else and so I was left in the test centre awaiting my time slot.

The examiner came out on the dot and went through my paper work, we went outside and that’s when he asked me to read a number plate and then went through a number of questions.

Q) How would the bike be different with a pillion on the back

I mentioned about the mirrors would need altering, breaking speeds and setting off would be slower

Q) What would you check for with the tyres

Bulges, tread depth 1mm minimum, 2/3rds tread

Q) Show me how you would check the steering

I moved the handle bard left and right explaining movement should be free, no snags on the wires etc

We then set-off around the Scarborough area, it was time to do some independent riding and so I was asked to follow the signs for Bridlington . After about ten minutes we turned off And I was asked to follow the signs for York.

Eventually we pulled in to the test centre, a few thoughts went through my head – I think I might have slowed down too Early etc but I heard that all important fantastic news “congratulation you’ve passed” the instructor took my license to send off and get updated on my behalf.

i have to admit I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat for the rest of the day, I cannot wait until I can purchase and ride out on my own motorbike.

Hats off to my instructor he has being patient with me and I Am sure over time I have give him plenty of headaches with my riding and lack of confidence at times.

I have being well guided through his patience and I feel there’s so many things I have learnt that I will never forget that will make me a safe rider and be seen on the roads.

if anyone’s wanting to learn I highly recommend graham at Scarborough rider training.





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