Hole of Horcum

So my first recommended route on a sunny day provides you with some stunning views. There are places to pull in and go for a walk if you feel the need to, but just a steady cruise on a motorcycle is a perfect way to spend at least 3 hours of your cruising time.

Starting off from Scarborough we headed out on the Whitby road taking a turn to Ruswarp (small village with a nice boating lake on the boundary of the National Park) from here headed on to sleights another small village in the Esk valley. We followed the road to The Hole of Horcum (Here you can see a vast panoramic Landscape over the Hole of Horcum.) The views literally are stunning with vast green and purple landscape. One thing to look out for along the way is RAF fyling Dales (Air force station on Snod Hill, it’s a radar base that’s part of the Ballistic Missile early warning system). You will hit a number of twist and turns (some very tight so be careful) but from here heading to Pickering and Thornton le dale.

Thornton le dale is another nice little village with pubs (not recommended if you are riding) and café’s, plenty of places to park up and have a walk around the river streams before heading back off to Scarborough. I have attached a few photos which I hope you find interesting.

Please comment your views and thoughts on the route, I would love to hear of your experiences?





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