Learner Drivers – Plans to include motorway lessons

A government research programme  costing 2 million has being designed into improving safety for new drivers. the government say this will allow learner drivers to broaden their experience, practice at higher speeds and put theory knowledge into practice making the roads a safer place.

The department for transport is also looking at trialling  a target number of hours to complete before learners take their test. It will be up to driving instructors to decide if their students are capable enough to go on the motorway in the dual controlled vehicle.

For those on motorcycles, the CBT course would also be updated. Motorcycle training would also require more online courses, with novice riders having to take a theory.

I always new that I had to pass my bike test sooner than later, it is always going to get harder to improve safety and make people aware of the dangers on the road, I know this is not a bad thing!

Now I have passed my tests I must admit I may be a little bias. When I was learning I felt the theory , Mod 1 and Mod 2 was enough to complete to prepare me for riding on the roads. I do however feel the more you can take on board whilst learning will be a greater benefit when you pass.

What do you think to this?



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