Aldi special buys 2017

It’s the season of sunny weather, motorcycles are starting to appear even more on the roads rather than just being polished in the garage, and Aldi bring out the Special Buy motorcycle clothing. So what are some of the items on sale this year??

Biker trousers £69.99

Breathable, waterproof and windproof Men’s / women Certified Motorcycle Trousers with a zip connection for easy attachment to your jacket.

Crane padded motorcycle gloves – £19.99

Soft rubber protections Lined with DuPont Kevlar, Faux-suede from the first finger to the thumb for a better grip

Crane Motorcycle Tank Bag & Backpack £ 29.99

A handy tank bag with compartments for a map and sat nav, plus a rain cover. It can even be worn as a backpack!

Crane Men’s Motorcycle Jeans £ 39.99

These Crane Men’s Motorcycle Jeans offer comfort when you are on the road

Crane Men’s / womens Merino Midlayer £ 24.99

Fully fashioned, 100% merino wool sweater with a double-layer ribbed collar and a zip-up neck. Merino wool is one of the most versatile natural fibres around. It’s lightweight and super-soft to absorb moisture. Perfect for mid layers, it helps regulate temperature whatever the climate.

Crane Motorcycle Balaclava £ 2.99

Crane Men’s Certified Biker Jacket £ 89.99

A CE Approved Men’s Certified Motorcycle Jacket, providing you with peace of mind on the road. It’s waterproof, breathable and windproof, with a zip connection for easy attachment to your trousers.

Crane Motorcycle Coloured Socks £ 2.99

Knee-length Motorcycle Coloured Socks with full cushioning, shin protection and reinforced heel and toe.

So what do I think?

I have purchased a pair of motorcycle socks. The long Knee-length Motorcycle Socks are great for the cold windy days and with the full cushioning, shin protection and reinforced heel & toe they are very comfy (beats having to wear two pairs of socks all the time) They are a good buy and you can certainly pay much more if they were branded.

The Gloves look great too, I did not buy these but did try them on in the shop – they have armoured protection over the knuckles, thinner leather but actually felt comfortable. My RST gloves feel quite thick on and actually hurt my hands after a while I was very tempted but personally, I have seen some other ones I like at the same price elsewhere so did not bother.

The jackets and trousers also seem built to a high quality but again I have not bought or tried these. If you have purchased and using the Aldi range, it would be great to hear from you, or comment below.

Aldi 2016 – Motorbike Boots

I remember last year I was just about to start my motorcycle lessons. I nipped into Aldi to purchase their motorcycle boots. When I got them home, I was undecided they actually felt more like wellies and were very thick and padded. I jumped on a friend motorbike and pretended to change gear in them, something made me say no so I took them back and purchased a thinner pair of boots. I am glad I did this now, it just felt much easier to feel for the peddles especially when learning – it was very important to feel comfortable and confident with my gear.

This year the boots were not on sale, I wonder if others had these issues. Sometimes cheaper isn’t always better but even so it’s great to see the supermarkets offering value ranges for all your needs.


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