The story so far

Its being a while since my last post so I thought I would give a heads up to where I was at. It has being 8 months since I passed my full Motorcycle test and I cannot believe how quick the time has flown by.

My wife has setup on her own providing beauty treatments and we have a 16 month boy so family commitments are taking first priority. I am doing everything I can to put a little money aside each month for a bike and I would love to think early next year I could possibly own a motorbike…. but we shall see.

I have joined the various Facebook groups and most nights see a tempting offer for someone getting rid of a 600CC bike. I have a look for ideas on the auto trader website and I think most weeks I have changed my mind to the bike I want to save for. When the time comes and I have the money that’s when I will really start taking the time to visit dealers and see which suits me best for my riding style.

I have really put it down to three bikes, Honda cbr600, Kawasaki Ninja ER6F and the Suzuki SV650. After running a online insurance check I have found quite a difference between the three bikes and so it seems that my budget will stretch to just the Kawasaki ER6F or Suzuki as the Honda works out at around £200 more expensive for insurance.

I learnt to ride on the Kawasaki so I can honestly say it was an easy bike to control and ride, I could happily touch my feet on the floor with it having a medium frame and the upright position suited me for my back (as I have had a few back problems in the past).

I think I might have to get a few extra lessons this summer just to keep up with my skills and remember everything that I was taught.

I would love to hear your views on which bikes you recommend, which was your first 600cc bike? Have you got a Kawasaki er6f and how do you find it?


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